Meet the Team

OHE's exceptional team has strong expertise in the economics and statistics of health care provision and financing, the pricing and regulation of pharmaceuticals, and health technology assessment (HTA). Our experts have joined us from government, the life sciences industries, consultancies and academia. Supplementing our in-house expertise is an extensive network of health policy, economics and statistical experts based in the UK, Europe and around the world.

We emphasise activities that maintain the strength of our expertise, ensuring that both our research and consulting activities provide the best value possible. Each of our senior staff holds an academic appointment and we actively encourage our research and consultancy staff to publish and participate in conferences and seminars.

The OHE team are listed below with the Management Team being the top four.


Adrian’s current research includes the use of 'risk-sharing' arrangements between health care payers and pharmaceutical companies, including value-based pricing approaches; the economics of pharmacogenetics for health care payers and the pharmaceutical industry; economic issues that affect both R&D for and access to treatments for diseases prevalent in the developing world;

Deputy Director

Jon’s areas of expertise include efficiency, competition, incentives and economic regulation in health care systems; the role of the private sector in publicly funded health care; the economic regulation of the pharmaceutical industry; and the economics of medical research. He leads many of the OHE’s projects in these areas.

Director of Research

Nancy's principal areas of research expertise are the measurement and valuation of patient reported health outcomes; the cost effectiveness thresholds used in making judgments about value for money in health care; priority setting in health care; production, performance and efficiency of hospitals; and the determinants of patient choice.

Director of Consulting

Jorge's current research interests include pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement systems worldwide, the economics of the pharmaceutical industry, the economics of innovation and incentives for encouraging medical R&D. This expertise informs projects undertaken for global pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, non-profit research organisations, charities


Mikel’s current research interests are the economics of the pharmaceutical industry; including innovation and incentives for encouraging medical R&D, regulation of pharmaceutical markets and social welfare analysis, and competition and incentives for health care providers.


Simona's current projects focus on the projection of the medicine bill in the UK NHS and the impact of Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme.


Amanda’s current research interests include the use of real world evidence to support HTA decisions; criteria for the economic evaluation of health interventions; value assessment for medical devices; and the interaction between HTA policy and optimal R&D decisions by industry.

Information Officer

Lesley provides routine statistical data and information to OHE and ABPI. Lesley, who joined the OHE in September 1986, is expert in locating information relating to UK and OECD health and health care statistics. She also provides statistical and information support.

Senior Researcher

Yan's research interests include the patients reported health outcomes measurements, competition in hospital market, labour supply of healthcare professionals in primary care and applied micro-econometrics in health economics research.

Senior Economist

Martina’s current research includes economic issues posed by the development and provision of treatments for rare diseases; the economics of personalised medicine for health care payers and the pharmaceutical industry; and approaches to value based assessments.

Personal Assistant to the Directors

Claire's key responsibility is time management and administrative support for the Directors. Prior to joining the OHE in 2008, Claire worked as a PA for Halcrow Group Limited for three years where her responsibilities included providing PA support to the regional managing director. Claire has a degree in psychology.

Head of Health Outcomes

Mike's current research interests are in the development, validation, application and use of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures, analysis and interpretation of PRO data, techniques for obtaining health state preferences, and qualitative research consensus techniques in the development of PROs, the production of clinical guidelines, and priority-setting exercises in health care.


Karla's current research includes the analysis of the socioeconomic distribution of health and wellbeing. She has a strong background in econometrics, statistics and quantitative methods. Her most recent projects have focused on the relationships between wellbeing and socioeconomic status in Latin America.


Sarah’s research interests include health policy evaluation, the economics of long term care, cost-effectiveness thresholds in the NHS, as well as aspects of applied industrial organisation and labour economics.

Head of Statistics

Fraser's principal areas of expertise are in biostatistical data analyses and mathematical epidemiology. His particular interests include methods of analyzing data from observational studies and developing dynamics models of disease burden. Before joining OHE in 2013, Fraser was a biostatistician at the University of Zürich.


Grace’s areas of expertise include cost utility analysis, cost effectiveness analysis and systematic reviews. Prior to joining OHE in 2014, Grace held the position of Senior Health Economist at the National Clinical Guidelines Centre at the Royal College of Physicians in the UK. Grace holds an MSc from the University of York.

Head of Information and Analysis

Phill's research interests include the economics of the pharmaceutical market, the productivity and outputs of NICE, and benchmarking industry performance. He has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, data and other information used to understand the medicines market and performance of the pharmaceutical industry.

Data Analyst

Olivia provides data collection and analysis for OHE's expanding portfolio of projects. She joined OHE in 2014.

With a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Liverpool, Olivia currently is studying for an MSc in medical statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Health Economist

Juan Carlos’ research interests include economic issues arising from the development and implementation of personalised medicine and international approaches to health technology assessment. Prior to joining OHE in 2013, Juan Carlos worked as a research analyst at the Royal College of Nursing and before that as a health economist at the National Clinical Guidelines Centre at

Senior Economist

Koonal's research interests include health state valuation methodology and the use of social value judgements in health care decision making. He has published a number of research papers on these topics and has conducted consulting projects for health care providers, policy makers and global pharmaceutical companies.

Business Executive

Kerry's responsibilities include maintaining the website, overseeing the production and publishing of in-house publications, organising events and serving as the contact point for accounts. Before joining the OHE in 2000, she was with the ABPI.