Meet the Team

OHE's exceptional team has strong expertise in the economics and statistics of health care provision and financing, the pricing and regulation of pharmaceuticals, and health technology assessment (HTA). Our experts have joined us from government, the life sciences industries, consultancies and academia. Supplementing our in-house expertise is an extensive network of health policy, economics and statistical experts based in the UK, Europe and around the world.

We emphasise activities that maintain the strength of our expertise, ensuring that both our research and consulting activities provide the best value possible. Each of our senior staff holds an academic appointment and we actively encourage our research and consultancy staff to publish and participate in conferences and seminars.

The OHE team are listed below:

Chief Executive

Professor Graham Cookson is the Chief Executive of the Office of Health Economics, taking over from Professor Adrian Towse who led OHE for 25 years.

Director Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow

Adrian’s current research includes incentives for new drugs and vaccines to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance, the use of 'risk-sharing' arrangements between health care payers and pharmaceutical companies, including value-based pricing approaches; the economics of pharmacogenetics for health care payers and the pharmaceutical industry; economic issues that affect both R&D for and access to treatments for diseases prevalent in the developing world.

Vice President & Head of Research

Mireia Jofre-Bonet is Head of Research and Vice President of the Office of Health Economics, replacing Professor Nancy Devlin.

Mireia is an economist specialised in health economics. She has worked on a broad spectrum of health Economics subjects including Lifestyle and Health Behaviour Decision Making; topics in Industrial Organisation applied to the Health Care sector and Pharmaceutical Regulation; Willingness To Pay for Health Insurance Schemes by the informal sector in low and middle income countries; Environmental factors and children’s health and wellbeing (domestic violence, maternal working hours; intergenerational transmission of health & behaviours); Adaptation to Health States; and, Migration and adaptation.

Vice President & Head of Consulting

Professor Lotte Steuten is Head of Consulting and Vice President of the Office of Health Economics.

Lotte’s research interest focuses on the development and application of health economic analysis and health technology assessment (HTA), with the aim to accelerate patient access to high value health care services and treatments. She specializes in quantitative methods for estimating and comparing the expected health and economic benefits of new approaches and interventions in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment, and prioritizing data collection to efficiently build the evidence for new interventions.

Principal Economist

Mikel’s current research interests are the economics of the pharmaceutical industry; including innovation and incentives for encouraging medical R&D, regulation of pharmaceutical markets and social welfare analysis, and competition and incentives for health care providers.


Eleanor's research interests are the economics of health systems, health behaviour decision making, and the evaluation of healthcare programmes' effectiveness. She has a particular interest in health systems and public health interventions in low-income settings. Eleanor holds an MSc in Health Economics and Decision Science from University College London, a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Oxford.

Senior Economist

Simon started working at the OHE in 2019 after completing (with Distinction) a MSc in Health Policy (Health Economics) from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) in 2018.

Principal Economist

Amanda’s current research interests include the use of real world evidence to support HTA and product development; novel pricing and reimbursement mechanisms for pharmaceuticals (e.g. managed entry agreements and the economics of indication-based pricing); health state valuation methodology; criteria for the economic evaluation of health interventions; and the interaction between HTA policy and optimal R&D decisions by industry

Principal Economist

Patricia’s main areas of research are: health-related quality of life measures, subjective well-being, cost-effectiveness thresholds, estimation of health-related outcomes, health policy evaluation, adaptation to health states, ordered choice models and theory of preferences.

Project Manager

Charlotte joined OHE at the end of 2018 to take up the new role of Project Manager. Her role involves the planning and smooth execution of OHE research projects as well as supporting the overall growth of OHE.

Senior Economist

Apostolos’s researches and publishes in the area of applied health econometrics focused on informing and evaluating public health and social care policymaking. He is particularly interested in the economics of obesity, socio-economic inequalities in health across the life course, disability, healthcare demand and costs. His main research agenda aims to identify the sections of the population where healthcare costs are high and rising, establishing priorities for resource planning and preventative policy. Apostolos is also interested in the survey measurement of health, and particularly the use of blood-based and nurse-administered biomarkers as health indicators for social science research and health policy making.

Senior Economist

Maria holds a PhD in Economics by the Public University of Navarra (Spain). This thesis received the FUNCAS (Fundación de Cajas de Ahorros) award in 2015 to the best Thesis in the area of Social Sciences defended in Spain in 2014. She also did a Postdoctorate at UMass, at the Department of Health Policy and Management of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (US). After the PhD and Postdoc, she worked as a lecturer at the Economics Department of the Public University of Navarra, and as a consultant on different health related research projects.


Martina’s current research includes economic issues posed by the development and provision of treatments for rare diseases; the economics of personalised medicine for health care payers and the pharmaceutical industry; and approaches to value based assessments.

Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive and the Director Emeritus

Claire Green is the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive and the Director Emeritus. A key aspect of her role is to provide time management and administrative support.

Associate Director

Grace’s areas of expertise include health technology appraisal, economic modelling and clinical guidelines. Grace is also interested in the economic evaluation of diagnostics and patient stratification, early stage modelling, and the economic evaluation of regenerative medicines and other high cost therapies. Grace has recently been appointed to NICE’s Clinical Guidelines Update Standing Committee, where she provides expert advice on the economic implications of NICE’s clinical guideline recommendations.


Nadine joined the OHE in October 2019 upon completing her MSc in Health Economics at the University of York. She conducted her dissertation research during a 3-month placement at the University of Technology Sydney; assessing whether the newly developed multi-attribute utility instrument EORTC QLU-C10D, is appropriate for use in primary brain cancer patients given the exclusion of a cognitive functioning scale.

Head of Health Outcomes Research

Mike brings with him extensive experience in psychometrics and in the development and validation of quality of life instruments. At OHE, he will be leading both consulting and research projects on health outcomes.

Senior Economist

David's research interests broadly focus on the valuation of healthcare benefits. This includes describing health and valuing health states for the generation of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) as well as the valuation and incorporation of broader outcomes (e.g. non-health outcomes or well-being) into the health technology assessment process.

Senior Economist

Margherita joined the OHE in December 2016 as Economist. Her work at the OHE has involved a number consulting projects, relating to different aspects of pharmaceutical R&D and HTA activities. She has experience in supporting the development of internal strategies for pharmaceutical companies in defining the value proposition of their pipeline (e.g. value frameworks) and the evidence generation processes during the product lifecycle.

Head of Information and Analysis

Phill's research interests include the economics of the pharmaceutical market, the productivity and outputs of NICE, and benchmarking industry performance. He has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, data and other information used to understand the medicines market and performance of the pharmaceutical industry.


Marina’s research interests focus on the evaluation of healthcare programmes’ effectiveness, focusing on quality of life factors that impact budgets and decision making. She is also interested in the economics of health care systems in emerging markets.

Principal Economist

Chris’s primary research interest is economic evaluation in health care, including the development of new methods for cost-effectiveness analysis and the valuation of health. He has worked on trial- and model-based economic evaluations in a variety of clinical fields. Chris is also dedicated to building new platforms for collaboration in the discipline of health economics.

Business Executive

Kerry's responsibilities include maintaining the website, overseeing the production and publishing of in-house publications, organising events and serving as the contact point for accounts. Before joining the OHE in 2000, she was with the ABPI.

Associate Director

Chris has over 20 years of applied health economics experience in consulting and academia. His interests centre on the use of health economics to maximise the societal value of scarce healthcare resources, including the use of cost-effectiveness and cost-utility frameworks to evaluate value-for-money and stated preference methods to elicit patient and public values.

Senior Economist

Bernarda’s areas of expertise include econometric modelling of health statistics at patient level and also international health statistics at country level. Prior to joining OHE in 2015, Bernarda has worked in Spanish and British academia and international organisations. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University Carlos III of Madrid and a Certificate in Quantitative Finance from Fitch Learning.


Kyann joined the OHE in January 2019. She has previously worked as a Health Economist at the National Guideline Centre (Royal College of Physicians) where she provided economic analysis for the development of clinical guidelines for the National Institute of Health and Care Services (NICE).