Educational Hub

A globally accessible health economic educational hub that fosters understanding and knowledge of health economics.


OHE’s educational mission is to support, sustain, and enhance the discipline of health economics through increasing its accessibility, awareness, impact, reach, and relevance. Our diversity of content ensures that we cater for all, from novice to expert.

What we do

As a pioneering institution in the field of health economics, we offer an extensive array of educational resources tailored to your needs — whether you’re a novice seeking foundational knowledge or an expert aiming to stay at the forefront of the discipline.

What you can expect from OHE’s Educational Hub:

  • Learning Zone: Dive into topics such as medicines, vaccines, and sustainability through guides, courses, and masterclasses.
  • Career Insights: Explore health economics career paths, qualifications, and job prospects.
  • Dictionary of Health Economics: Coming in 2024, access a comprehensive glossary of essential terms.
  • OHE Graduate School: Discover funded PhD and Master’s degrees for aspiring health economists.
  • Outreach to 16-18-year-old learners: Engage with students through partnerships and school resources.

Unlock the World of Health Economics with OHE Educational Hub!

Who we do it for

The OHE Education Hub caters to a diverse audience with varying levels of expertise in health economics:

  • Novices: If you’re new to health economics, our platform offers a user-friendly entry point. A great starting point is exploring our topic introduction articles to build foundational knowledge and gain insights into key concepts.
  • Students and Researchers: Our multi-module courses, masterclasses, and lectures provide valuable resources for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as researchers. Whether you’re studying health economics or engaged in research, our offerings enhance understanding.
  • Professionals: Our educational content is valued by seasoned health economists and practitioners. Whether you want to revisit core concepts, explore current research trends, or delve into advanced topics, our educational resources provide valuable insights.
  • 16-18yo Students: We have created a dedicated learning and careers area with tailored content for our 16-18yo learners and those early in career. We also have a partnership with Discover Economics where we engage further with students and provide resources for A-Level economics teachers. By fostering interest early on, we strive to further contribute to the future of health economics.

The OHE Educational Hub bridges theory and practice, equipping you with the knowledge to shape the future of healthcare!