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A global educational community, open to all, nurturing a global knowledge of health economics.

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OHE’s educational mission is to support, sustain, and enhance the discipline of health economics through increasing its accessibility, awareness, impact, reach, and relevance. Our diversity of content ensures that we cater for all, from novice to expert.

IRA Programme

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Programme.
Free to attend.

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EVIA Programme

Economics of Vaccines and Immunisations in Africa Programme (EVIA).
Free to attend.

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About our Education Hub

Why is OHE committed to education?

OHE is part charity; our charitable objective is to advance the education of the public in general/health care payers/policy makers (and particularly patients and healthcare professionals) on the subject of health economics and healthcare policy.

As the oldest health economics organisation in the world, we are committed to the fulfilment of our charitable objective and are dedicated to nurturing a global knowledge of health economics and widening the reach and impact of our discipline.

What can you expect from OHE’s educational platform?

Harnessing the powerhouse of the OHE experts (many of which hold positions at universities) and our vast international network heath economic specialists and organisations, our educational offering provides a unique mix of entry level health economic information to encourage the growth of health economics and expert insights to develop the capacity of professionals working within the discipline.

Who can benefit from OHE’s educational offering?

Our educational platform is for anyone with an interest in learning more about Health Economics. Specifically, we envision this resource being of particular help and interest to students, professionals, policymakers, and academics. Our hope is that curating and investing in this content, most of which is freely available, health economics will become more accessible to a wider spectrum of people and consequently increase its reach and impact with different audiences.

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Group 11119