OHE Academy

Demystifying the intricacies of health economics via accessible education suitable for learners at all stages of their health economic journey. Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of our discipline

OHE’s educational mission is to encourage and support a deeper understanding of the dynamic field of health economics, aspiring to expand the influence and impact of health economics.


Our Introductions provide a gateway to essential health economic topics. By offering an accessible entry point, these Introductions enable individuals to grasp the fundamental concepts and principles related to health economics, establishing the groundwork for a deeper exploration of OHE’s extensive research. Whether you’re delving into the intricacies of health economics or simply curious, these resources will empower you with valuable insights and knowledge.



OHE Programmes offer a structured journey from foundational principles to advanced content, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding and a seamless transfer of health economic knowledge.

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EVIA Programme

The Economics of Vaccines and Immunisation in Africa (EVIA) – a free-to-access, fully virtual, multi-language e-learning programme.


OHE Masterclasses bring together the expertise of external professionals to deep-dive into a specific health economic topic. These sessions explore the intricacies from multiple angles, incorporating theoretical foundations, empirical evidence, policy implications, and real-world insights. Participants gain a holistic understanding, equipping them to navigate the complexities of a specific health economic topic.

Collaborating on payment models to unlock the potential of multi-indication therapies

Severity in value assessment: from principle to practice

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