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The Economics of Vaccines and Immunisation in Africa (EVIA) – a free-to-access, fully virtual, multi-language e-learning programme.

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About the EVIA Programme

The EVIA programme, the latest instalment in The Office of Health Economics educational series, builds the capacity and confidence of subSaharan African policymakers and immunisation managers:

  • To assess the costs, consequences and value for money of vaccines through economic evaluation
  • To make evidencebased decisions around national immunisation programmes

Throughout our sixpart programme delegates gain a solid foundational understanding of why evidencebased decisionmaking about vaccination programmes is important and their scope for improving current vaccination processes. From here, we build the knowledge and skillsets needed by policymakers and immunization managers to facilitate these improvements.

This course is tailored to a SubSaharan African audience, drawing on local examples and highlighting current policy issues in the region. However, the course content is also applicable to policymakers and programme managers from other countries who implement the Expanded Programme on Immunisation.

The OHE EVIA Programme is supported by an Educational Grant from Pfizer Laboratories Ltd. The programme is for educational purposes only, does not endorse or promote any specific pharmaceutical organisation, drug or other medical intervention, and has been developed, created, and delivered by OHE independently of Pfizer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the core concepts of economic evaluation
  • Understanding how to use economic evaluation to enhance prioritisation of healthcare spending and deliver the best overall health benefits and value for money
  • Understanding how to design, conduct and interpret economic evaluations to capture the many different consequences associated with vaccines and immunisation programmes
  • Recognising the unique properties of vaccines

Programme Benefits


Free of charge

Get free access to a curated learning journey delivered by leading international economic experts.


Flexible learning

The bitesized and ondemand design of OHE’s elearning offerings make it easy to fit in around your other commitments.



All you need is a screen and an internet connection to start your learning journey.


Suitable for all

With expert guidance from basic terminology to technical application, all experience levels are catered for.


Accessible in multiple languages

The course content is delivered in English with French.

All six modules are now available:


Health Economics of Vaccination | Framing an Economic Evaluation | Measuring & Valuing Costs | Measuring & Valuing Outcomes | Modelling | Interpreting


Start your learning journey today.

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