Empowering tomorrow’s minds: nurturing diversity and curiosity in Health Economics for school-aged learners


We are proud to announce our partnership with Discover Economics. Together, we recognise the pivotal role that early exposure plays in shaping young minds and share a profound appreciation for introducing school-aged learners to the dynamic world of economics.

Through this partnership, we are committed to igniting curiosity and awareness of health economics among young learners. OHE will be participating in career fairs, delivering talks, and providing accessible teaching materials tailored to the 16-18 age group. Our aim is to deliver content that resonates with young learners, enabling them to grasp complex concepts and appreciate the real-world implications of health economics in an engaging and relatable manner.

By fostering these connections and sharing our expertise, we aim to inspire a new generation of thinkers passionate about the intersection of healthcare and economics.

We are excited to embark on this collaborative journey, combining our expertise, passion, and commitment to introduce school-aged learners to the captivating world of economics and champion diversity within the field.

Discover Economics


Discover Economics is on a mission to increase the diversity of economics students.

We are aiming to:

  • broaden the appeal of economics to potential students
  • change their perceptions of economics and economists
  • attract more students from under-represented groups (women, state school/further education college students and ethnic minorities). 

Teaching resources