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George Bray


George joined OHE in August 2023 as an economist. His previous experience involved working on trial-based economic evaluations at University College London (UCL), focusing on the areas of primary care and mental health. Whilst at UCL, he also gained experience using econometric methods on secondary datasets to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. Prior to this, George completed an MSc in International Health Policy (Health Economics) at the London School of Economics (LSE), where he estimated the cost of obesity to the NHS as part of a dissertation placement at the Department of Health.

George is interested in decision-making processes in Health Technology Assessment (HTA), particularly the setting of thresholds and the use of modifiers in cost-effectiveness analysis. He is also keen to explore challenges in assessing the quality of life across a range of populations, an interest that arose from working on trials involving participants with severe mental health conditions.

Latest Publications

George Bray