OHE Funding

OHE receives its revenue from three principal sources:

  1. Research grants, obtained from a variety of funding bodies in the UK and internationally.
  2. The surplus from the consulting and advisory work undertaken by our commercial arm, OHE Consulting.
  3. An annual grant received from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. In 2017, that grant is £380k.

Figure 1: The percentage of OHE’s revenue from each source in 2016

We have received research grants from a range of funders including UK research councils (eg. NIHR, MRC), not for profit organisations (eg the EuroQol Research Foundation) and charities (eg. CRUK), as well as unrestricted research grants from industry (eg. Lilly Global).

Figure 2: The percentage of OHE’s revenue by range of funders 2016

Figure 3: The percentage of OHE’s research grant income by source 2016