Our Governance

Our Board of Trustees and advisory committees are essential to guiding our work, maintaining the quality and independence of our research programme and our publications, and ensuring we align with our charitable objectives.


Our Board and Committees

Charitable objects

OHE became a registered Charity in December 2016
(registration number 1170829).

To advance the education of the public in general/health care payers/policy makers (and particularly patients and healthcare professionals) on the subject of health economics and healthcare policy.

Activities in furtherance of this will include, in particular but not exclusively:

  • Promotion of evidence-based health care policy, by carrying out research on the economics of health, health care systems and the life sciences industry
  • Promotion of effective and efficient use of health care resources, by advancing the use of economic approaches to support decision making
  • The facilitation of decision making and awareness of health care policy issues, by encouraging debate and dissemination of relevant health economics research

For the avoidance of doubt, the terms “health economics” shall mean the application of economic theory, models and empirical techniques to the analysis of decision making by people, health care providers and governments with respect to health and health care.

Equal Opportunities

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, OHE wholeheartedly supports the principle of equal opportunities and dignity at work.

We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success and we value the differences that a diverse workforce brings. We oppose all forms of discrimination against employees, members, customers,  stakeholders,  job applicants, suppliers and members of the public on the grounds of the following “protected characteristics”; gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy/maternity, religion, religious belief, age, disability or race (which includes colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins).

Employees should not discriminate against, harass or victimise another colleague, customer, stakeholder, supplier, a job applicant, or any third party or any member of the public on the grounds of any of the protected characteristics listed above.

We believe that it is in the OHE’s best interest and that of all those who work for us to ensure that the working environment is fair and inclusive and  encourages all employees to fulfil their potential, based on performance and ability.

Every possible step will be taken therefore to ensure that individuals are treated equally and fairly and that decisions relating to recruitment, selection, appraisal, terms and conditions of employment, training, promotion, career management and employment termination are based solely on objective and job related criteria.

For further information please refer to our Equal Opportunities, Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy