OHE Expert Profile

Dr Koonal Shah

Koonal is an associate director in the Science Policy and Research team at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. His project portfolio includes overseeing the NICE Listens deliberative public engagement programme, helping to establish a new process for making modular updates to NICE’s manuals, and leading NICE’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the health and care system.

Before joining NICE, Koonal spent 11 years working for OHE. He also worked for PHMR, a private sector consultancy.

Koonal has a PhD in health economics and decision science from the University of Sheffield, an MSc (with distinction) in health economics from the University of York, and a BA in economics and philosophy from the University of Nottingham. He is an honorary senior research fellow at the Sheffield Centre for Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield. He is an invited guest lecturer at the University of Sheffield, University College London, and King’s College London.

Koonal is a member of the EuroQol Group. He previously served on the EuroQol Executive Committee and co-chaired the EuroQol Scientific Plenary Meeting, an annual conference.

Dr Koonal Shah