Health Statistics and Data Analyses

Gonzalez-Esuerra, J., Karlsberg, S. and Paling, S.

Seminar Briefing
February 2020

The NHS Improvement Economics team is part of the Strategy Directorate in NHS Improvement. NHS Improvement aims to implement changes to help improve both quality and efficiency. Recent research by the Economics team intended to support this has included research on A&E performance, NHS staffing, and inpatient falls.

On 13th of April 2018, EvaluAES held its 7th annual workshop on economic evaluation of health policies.

OHE is on RePEc: find publications from the Office of Health Economics in Research Papers in Economics.

It is estimated that one in three people born in 2015 in the UK may develop dementia, and clinical development success rates for dementia drugs are consistently lower than those for other therapy areas.

September 2014 ABPI report of OHE analysis: UK use of medicines compared with other countries – UK remains 9th highest user out of 13 countries.

Hawe, E., Yuen, P. and Baillie, L.

July 2011

Please note: an updated version of this publication is available here.

This publication provides both up-to-date statistics and a guide to finding and using health statistics from the UK and, to some extent, other OECD countries. Data are presented in easy to read tables and figures.

The OHE Guide helps answer the following questions.

Briggs, A.

November 2003

The purpose of this book is to bring together a collection of papers by acknowledged experts in the field of trial-based health economic evaluation to provide an overview of the literature. The aim is to give the reader a clear guide to recent developments in statistical methods applied to health economic evaluation, together with the intuition behind the use of those methods, but without detailed technical exposition. The hope is that in doing so, interested readers will be guided to the most appropriate methodological contributions of recent years.

October 1978

In 1978 the cost of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom will rise, to an estimated record level of £8,000 million. Even when adjusted for the falling value of the pound this means that the NHS costs three times as much as when it was first established. However, public spending in other sectors like education has risen to a similar degree and in the past decade the outlay in the NHS has remained constant at about 10 per cent of all public expenditure, less debt interest.

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