Led by experts from across the UK’s COVID-19 response, this webinar sets out to answer two vital questions?

  • High risk and low profits often dictate the return on investment expected from vaccines, but following the COVID-19 pandemic and our strong reliance on effective and efficient vaccinations and their accompanying rollouts, are we missing their true value? And if so, how do we change this?
  • The COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force model employed in the UK led to one of the most successful vaccine rollouts in the world, ensuring millions received the ‘jab’. Now the UK government plans to use this approach again to tackle four of our most pressing healthcare issues: cancer, obesity, mental health, and addiction, but will it work? And is this really the best model for approaching these critical challenges?

Drawing on experience from across the UK and globally, our panel will deep-dive into these questions, providing examples from the UK’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, the Department of Health and Social Care in England and OHE research on the global socio-economic value of vaccines.


  • Prof. Lotte Steuten, Deputy Chief Executive – OHE (Chair)
  • Sir Jonathan Van-Tam, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences – University of Nottingham, and Former Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England
  • Ruth Todd, Chief Commercial Officer – HS2, and Former Programme Director of Vaccines Taskforce
  • Stuart Carroll, Director of Market Access & Policy – Moderna, and Visiting Fellow – OHE
  • Eleanor Bell, Principal Economist – OHE