The free-to-attend webinar allows delegates to discover more about the EVIA programme, with tasters of the content and insights from those who have developed the learning materials and provided in-depth interviews on the economics of vaccines and immunisation in Africa.


  • Practical lessons in economic evaluation of vaccines in Sub-Saharan Africa | Joseph Babigumira | Health Economist, Independent Consultant
  • Towards a comprehensive evaluation of vaccines in resource-constrained environments | JP Sevilla | Head of Life Sciences Practice, Data for Decisions, LLC
  • The global imperative for ensuring equitable access to vaccines: COVID-19 case study | Eleanor Bell | Principal Economist, OHE
  • Q&A session with all speakers | Moderated by Lotte Steuten | Deputy CEO, OHE


The EVIA programme is an online, educational course which builds the capacity and confidence of sub-Saharan African policymakers and immunisation managers to assess the costs, consequences and value for money of vaccines through economic evaluation and make evidence–based decisions around national immunisation programmes.

To access the first three modules in the EVIA programme, follow this link: