OHE’s research programme stimulates discussion and debate about critical issues in health economics and health care policy at the UK, European and international levels. Although specifics vary over time, OHE research falls into four primary themes: economics of innovation; incentivising quality; judging value for money and improving decision-making; and measuring and valuing outcomes.

Our activities include undertaking original research on strategically important topics, as well as running seminars and workshops, producing publications, and convening expert commissions. Publications may be downloaded from this site free-of-charge. The team's external research activities are reported in OHE News.

Efficient decisions about the allocation of health care budgets require the assessment of the effects of health care interventions and of the value for money that they provide.

A key objective for financially-constrained health care systems is to extract better value from the budgets available, by encouraging the delivery of high-quality health care at the lowest feasible cost.

The development of innovative health technologies is essential for improving the quality and efficiency of health care provision.

Health outcomes constitute the basis for any form of evaluation in the context of health.


Neri, M., Hampson, G., Henshall, C. and Towse, A.

Research Paper
September 2019

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