The OHE Research programme stimulates
discussion and debate about critical issues
in health economics and health care policy
at the UK, European and international levels. 

Although specifics vary over time, OHE research 
falls into three categories: the financing and 
delivery of health care, health technology 
assessment methods and processes, and the
economics of the life sciences and
pharmaceutical industries.

Activities include undertaking original research on a range of topics, as well as seminars and workshops, publications, and expert commissions.  Publications may be downloaded from this site free of charge by registered users.  The team's external activities are reported in OHE News.

The focus of some of OHE's current programme appears in the Highlights tab below. 

Achieving productivity and efficiency in health care depends on policies that are based on solid...

The purpose of this research is to determine what evidence appears to most influence the...

Following on its successful Commission on NHS Outcomes, Performance and Productivity, the OHE...


Berdud, M. and Garau, G. et al.

Research Paper
July 2018

Berdud, M. and Drummond, M.F. et al.

Research Paper
July 2018

OHE News

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