OHE Publications

OHE releases a number of publications throughout the year, authored by OHE team members and/or outside experts. All are free for download as pdf files; hard copies of some publications are available upon request.

A description of the OHE publications categories.


Maynard, A.

January 2014

This monograph, based on Professor Maynard’s remarks at the 20th OHE Annual Lecture, explores the critical issue of ensuring the quality of care in the NHS. The lecture was delivered just five months after release of the Francis Report, which was the result of a public inquiry into serious failures in patient care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. As with many such inquiries in the past, Francis’s recommendations envisioned more regulation.

O’Neill, P., Puig-Peiro, R., Mestre-Ferrandiz, J. and Sussex, J.

Consulting Report
October 2012

Since 1996, in its yearly PPRS Report to Parliament, the Department of Health in England has published international price comparisons of branded medicines used in the primary care setting. OHE Consulting uses the same methodology in this report to update comparisons through 2011.

Feng, Y., May, A., Farrar, S. and Sutton, M.

Research Paper
April 2012

In April 2006, payment thresholds were raised for GPs who participate in Scotland’s Ouality and Outcomes Framework.  GPs were required to meet new, higher thresholds on some indicators to receive maximum levels of payment.  In this paper, OHE’s Yan Feng and her colleagues examine whether this change in fact improved GP performance and whether the impact differed across GPs. Specifically, they examine whether low-, mid- and high-performing GPs changed behaviour and, if so, to what extent.

Feng, Y., Farrar, S., Sutton, M. and May, A.

Research Paper
November 2011

This paper investigates how the increased rate of Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) payments implemented on 1 April 2005 affects Scottish general practitioners’ (GPs) intrinsic, extrinsic and overall motivation. A first difference method is used to model GPs’ intrinsic and overall motivation. The main finding is that the increased QOF payment effectively motivated GPs' health care supply, but it also 'crowded out' GPs' intrinsic motivation.

Richards, M.

July 2011

The speaker for the OHE's 16th Annual Lecture was Sir Mike Richards, National Clinical Director for Cancer and End of Life Care in England's Department of Health.

In his presentation, Prof Richards addressed five questions about the NHS achieving world class outcomes in cancer: (1) What would ‘world class’ look like (2) What measures are appropriate? (3) Where are we now? (4) Why are England's outcomes below the best? and (5) What do we need to do to close the gap?

Watson, V., Sussex, J., Teeteh, E. and Ryan, M.

Research Paper
March 2011

The UK’s National Clinical Assessment Agency (NCAS) is designed specifically to provide advice on performance issues, on request, to NHS organisations employing or contracting with doctors, pharmacists, and dentists. Currently, the NCAS is financed from central NHS funds, not from charges to NHS organisations. By 2013, however, the NCAS is to become self-funding.

Mestre-Ferrandiz, J., Garau, M., O'Neill, P. and Sussex, J.

Consulting Report
November 2010

This report examines the effect of the European Union’s 1999 Regulation on Orphan Medicinal Products (OMPs) on the European economy and society.  This study collected data on several indicators of activity, completed a confidential survey of companies developing OMP, concluded four case studies and undertook a literature review.  The result is a rich tableau of data and information that describe the effects of the OMP Regulation in some detail.  Findings include the following.

Sussex, J.

September 2009

Written while Labour Government policies still were in force, this Briefing clearly and thoroughly examines non-discretionary cost differences between public and independent providers that may have a serious impact on the effectiveness of competition.  Four key differences are identified: corporation tax, value added tax, pension costs and cost of capital.  Critical barriers to implementing the competition policy are reviewed.

Dawson, D. and Mountford, L.

September 2008

In 2008, the European Commission published a proposal for a Directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border health care.  This followed two 1998 landmark rulings of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that appeared to affirm the right of patients to obtain reimbursement from their own health care systems for health care that they purchased from another EU Member State, without prior authorization.