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OHE releases a number of publications throughout the year, authored by OHE team members and/or outside experts. All are free for download as pdf files; hard copies of some publications are available upon request.

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Drummond, M.F. and Rutten, F.

November 2008

Australia was the first, in 1993, to make economic evaluation an important component of its decisions about reimbursement of drugs.  Since then, several jurisdictions have followed suit.  Decision-making authorities (e.g., ministries of health or health technology assessment agencies) usually issue methodological guidelines for the conduct of studies of economic value.  Similarities across countries in the sets of guidelines likely are greater than the differences, especially among those guidelines that have been developed in the context of formal decision-making procedures.

Cross, J.T. and Garrison, L.

August 2008

This Briefing reports the discussions of a group of experts at an OHE workshop on the benefit-risk assessments of drugs. The objective was to identify how particular tools and methods used in economic analysis and the decision sciences might improve the methodologies that regulatory authorities apply to evaluate drug benefit and risk.

Murray, C.

April 2006

Annual lecture by Christopher Murray, who speaks in the UK about the work on health systems performance assessment (HSPA) at the World Health Organization. He gives some reflections on this work and traces some implications for the UK. These reflections are based on five years of work involving a large number of researchers and policy analysts at WHO and in academic institutions around the world.