Publication Type

OHE publications fall into the following categories.

  • Briefings report OHE research and, on occasion, that of other experts. 
  • Seminar Briefings are concise summaries of the presentations and discussions at seminars and conferences organised by OHE. 
  • Monographs (which include Early Diagnosis Series and Series on Health) are authored by external or in-house experts on a wide variety of topics.
  • Occasional Papers report the results of OHE's research programme that may not be intended for publication in peer reviewed journals. 
  • Research Papers are the results of OHE's research programmes intended to promote discussion and provide information prior to publication in a peer reviewed journal. 
  • Consulting Reports are the public domain output of consultancy projects that are published with the client's permission when the content is of interest to a wide audience.
  • For School - historically the OHE website included a popular interactive e-source, The Economics of Health Care, focusing on the UK and aimed at post-16 students of economic courses. Because the details of how the NHS is organised have changed considerably, we have moved this material to the archive (accessed via a link).

Also available is a list of External Publications. This page contains a list of the OHE team’s research and commentary published outside the OHE.

A note about quality: Many of our older publications languished in storage for decades. Although the pdfs on this site are the best available, we realise that the quality of some may not be optimum. Some files also may take some time to download because of their size.