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Mikel Berdud

Senior Principal Economist

Mikel Berdud is an economist specialised in pharmaceutical R&D incentives, pricing and reimbursement, and social value of innovation. He holds a PhD in the topic of economics of organizations and behavioural economics where he developed and tested economic models of financial and nonfinancial incentives for intrinsically motivated agents. As team member of the OHE’s Economics of Innovation theme, Mikel’s primary interests are the role of intellectual property rights and other pull/push incentives in fostering pharmaceutical innovation; the regulation of pharmaceutical markets and its impact of access to innovation and R&D investment; the implications of valuebased pricing and other innovative pricing approaches in incentivising innovation and maximising social welfare; the role of competition (on and offpatent) on promoting access to, and affordability of, pharmaceutical innovation; and issues around price transparency for new health technologies. He is currently a visiting researcher of the Public university of Navarre (UPNA).

Mikels recent and current research includes the analysis of the lifecycle value of medicines, social surplus created by new health technologies and its distribution, the economics of antimicrobial resistance including push and pull incentive mechanisms for new antibiotics, regulation and incentives for orphan medicinal products, economic efficiency in generic and biosimilar markets, the economics of cures (e.g., HepC drugs), and the impact of both, pharmaceutical market regulation (e.g., VPAS) and costeffectiveness thresholds, on innovation, health system sustainability and social welfare.

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Mikel Berdud