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Chris Sampson

Senior Principal Economist

Chris is an expert in economic evaluation, with a particular interest in mental health and digital therapeutics. He is an experienced health economist with training in various methods; his PhD research included trial and modelbased costeffectiveness studies, econometric analysis of large data sets, and ethical assessment of policy decisions. Chris is the founder and Editorinchief of The Academic Health Economists’ Blog, Associate Editor at Frontiers in Health Services, an editorial board member for PharmacoEconomics Open, and a member of the EuroQol Group. He is the research theme lead for OHE’s Value, Affordability, and Decision Making (VADM) theme.

Chris’s recent experience includes research across numerous clinical fields, including lung cancer, insomnia, neonatal care, cognitive impairment, diabetes, and many others. He has studied diverse technologies, from talking therapies to diagnostics to innovative pharmaceuticals. In recent years, Chris has focussed on complex policyrelevant issues in health technology assessment, such as costeffectiveness thresholds. As a member of the EuroQol Group, he conducts research on the EQ5D, focusing on the development of ‘bolton’ items and the role of death in health state valuation.


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Chris Sampson