Many countries around the world are experiencing strains on their healthcare systems. Innovation has the potential to support healthcare systems to strive for improved productivity to transform limited resources into valued outcomes. However, the adoption and uptake of innovation is often hampered by a variety of barriers concerning technological advances, health system complexity, and stakeholder engagement.

Overcoming barriers to innovation adoption in health systems requires a breadth of solutions and the involvement of different stakeholder groups. Multistakeholder partnerships can remove silos, enhance knowledge exchange, conduct additional research on technology and implementation, and influence policy. This webinar will explore the use of such partnerhips as a solution to overcoming the barriers that impede efficiency enhancement and innovation.

This webinar includes:

    • An overview of the role of innovation in health system efficiency and barriers that impede the adoption of innovation.
    • Real-world examples of multistakeholder partnerships and how they addressed barriers to the adoption of innovation
    • An opportunity to have questions answered by an expert panel



Dr Jacqueline Barry | Chief Clinical Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Dr Barry joined Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult as Director of Regulatory Affairs and has since been promoted to Chief Clinical Officer. Prior to this, she worked at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service in several senior regulatory and quality positions. She has held a number of post-Doctoral academic posts at the University of Edinburgh, studying neuromuscular regeneration. She has considerable experience in the development, translation, clinical trial and approval of cell-based medicinal products and therapies.

Maria Vidal-Read | Head of Programme for the international Fast-Track Cities Initiative London Leadership Group

Maria Vidal-Read MCIPR is Head of Programme for the international Fast-Track Cities initiative in London. Driving the London Leadership Group to deliver the United Nations targets of zero new HIV transmissions, zero preventable deaths, zero stigma and everyone living well with HIV by 2030. Maria has over 25 years experience in communications, engagement and programme management working on public health programmes in England.

Margherita Neri | Principal Economist, Office of Health Economics

Margherita is an economist, with expertise in health system efficiency, productivity, and methods for health technology value assessment. Her current research interests include the evaluation of interventions and policies that improve health system’s resilience and performance in the face of scarce resources and high pressure. She has worked on methods and frameworks assessing the value of health technologies with large socioeconomic benefits. She also researches on the topic of healthcare efficiency measurement and the determinants of productivity, with a focus on primary care.

This webinar is intended to be useful for a wide range of stakeholders with an interest in health system efficiency and the role of innovation (including but not limited to: decision makers, regulators , academics, health data scientists and industry.

This webinar is commissioned and funded by Gilead.