THE BRAVE INITIATIVE. The BRAVE Narrative for Broad Recognition of Value in Vaccines Engagement.

Bell, E., Neri, M., Steuten, L.

Research Paper
September 2020

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OHE is undertaking a research programme called the Broad Assessment of Value in Vaccines Engagement (BRAVE). The overarching aim of the BRAVE initiative is to increase recognition of the broader value elements of vaccines and consistency of their assessment within HTA and wider decision-making processes in various countries, including Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, the UK and the US.  

The activities of the BRAVE initiative to date are reported this paper, the ‘BRAVE narrative’. The BRAVE narrative first describes the current ‘state-of-play’ of vaccine assessments in a range of higher-income countries. Based on insights from a Roundtable with academic and HTA experts in each country, the narrative then goes on to recommend on how (pragmatic) use of the newest and most advanced evidence and analytics might facilitate consideration of the broader value of new vaccines.

Future work will involve engaging with other stakeholders in vaccines assessment in these target markets to investigate the feasibility and desirability of implementing these recommendations for broader value assessment of vaccines.