Vaccines are widely regarded as one of the most important public health achievements of the last century. Health economists, however, have long highlighted the gaps between what policymakers typically count as vaccine benefits and the full benefits that vaccines confer. Failure to consider substantial portions of vaccines’ full benefits, referred to as their ‘broader value’, can lead to undervaluing vaccines. This, in turn, may lead to suboptimal vaccine development, recommendation, and reimbursement decisions.

To address this issue, OHE is undertaking a research programme called the Broad Assessment of Value in Vaccines (BRAVE) Initiative. The BRAVE- Initiative aims to increase recognition of the broader value elements of vaccines and consistency of their assessment within HTA and wider decision-making processes in various countries.

This report first outlines the rationale for considering the broader value of vaccines. It then describes the gaps between broader value elements identified in value frameworks for vaccines and those recognised in HTA of vaccines in nine target markets. It also provides concrete recommendations for closing these gaps.

Please note, this report has been superseded by the following journal publication: Bell, E., Neri, M., & Steuten, L. (2021). Towards a Broader Assessment of Value in Vaccines: The BRAVE Way Forward. Applied health economics and health policy, 1–13. Advance online publication.