HTAinSiteImagine being able to find, in ONE minute or less, which NICE Technology Assessments (TAs) make specific reference to QALY thresholds of £20,000 or £30,000, for example, or to risk sharing, or patient access schemes. This is possible using HTAinSite -- a unique resource of information on NICE Technology Appraisal decisions and the evidence used to support them.

Now out as a “FirstView” article in Health Economics, Policy and Law is an important analysis on the inclusion of social value judgments in NICE guidance, co-authored by OHE’s Koonal Shah with Richard Cookson and Tony Culyer of CHE, and Peter Littlejohns of King’s College.

The Daily Mail front page article of 16 May 2012, ‘New cancer drugs held up by the NHS for nine years’ purports to draw, as its source, from a report by the Office of Health Economics. The Daily Mail article is misleading and inaccurate in several key respects, and misrepresents the purpose and results of our study. Our report, Time Trends in NICE HTA Decisions, was published in January 2012.