Spotlight on OHE: NICE, Biosimilars, HTA

OHE’s active involvement in a number of recent conferences and meetings has contributed to discussions on a range of important issue in health economics.

 Changes in NICE decision making

The consultation process for changes in how NICE assesses the value of a health technology is scheduled to be completed in June 2014. In a presentation at the PharmaAccess Leader’s Forum, Martin Garau summarised the proposed changes that are part of the value based assessment consultation. She illustrated how two suggested decision-making factors, burden of illness and wider societal impact, might be measured and calculated for specific interventions.

For additional information about this presentation, please contact Martina Garau.

HTA and Biosimilars

At the 34th Spanish Health Economics Association annual meeting, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz reviewed the results of the discussions of an expert panel about the role of HTA for biosimilars. Representatives from the three UK HTA agencies, the MHRA and academia were involved in debating which HTA methods are most appropriate for biosimilars in specific situations.

The results of the roundtable also are available on this website as an OHE Briefing. For additional information, please contact Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz.

HTA in Latin America

In a poster presentation at the 34th Spanish Health Economics Association annual meeting, Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte presented the first stage of research into the pharmaceutical market in Latin America. The poster presentation demonstrated the variety of approaches across countries and the importance of HTA.

For additional information, please contact Karla Hernández-Villafuerte.


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