OHE at the EuroQol Plenary Meeting 2018

The 35th Plenary Meeting of the EuroQol Group recently took place in Lisbon, Portugal. OHE staff contributed to both the organisation and the content of the meeting. The Scientific Programme was chaired by Anna Krabbe-Lugnér and OHE’s Koonal Shah. Nancy Devlin and OHE Visiting Fellow Mike Herdman facilitated two poster sessions.

The first paper discussed at the meeting was led by Yan Feng, in which the authors sought to identify whether the clinical quality of primary care in England affects patients’ self-reported outcomes. The analysis used data from the GP Patient Survey and the national Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) datasets to estimate the association between QOF indicators and EQ-5D-5L responses.

Paula Lorgelly and Patricia Cubi-Molla’s paper used data from Cancer 2015 and genetic matching to compare EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L observations in a cohort of cancer patients. The paper contributes to the ongoing research and debate around the similarities and differences between the 3L and 5L instruments.

David Mott’s paper, also co-authored by Koonal Shah and Nancy Devlin, reported on a valuation study of the EQ-5D-Y. The analysis used a discrete choice experiment and compared the preferences of adults with those of adolescents, demonstrating some important differences between the two.

Chris Sampson, Nancy Devlin, and David Parkin’s paper asked whether anchoring at ‘dead’ is a theoretical requirement in health state valuation. Supported by a review of the literature, the authors proposed that health economists should ‘drop dead’ and adopt an alternative approach to anchoring.

In addition to the papers being discussed, OHE Visiting Fellow David Parkin delivered a presentation on the EQ-5D simulation laboratory, which is an active project at OHE.

Patricia Cubi-Molla presented a poster on the effect of experience in time trade-off valuations, using data from four European countries, with findings showing that personal experience and vicarious experience can have differential impacts on valuations.

For more information about any of these projects, click through to contact the authors.

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