Koonal Shah

Koonal Shah

Senior Economist

Koonal's research interests include health state valuation methodology and the use of social value judgements in health care decision making. He has published a number of research papers on these topics and has conducted consulting projects for health care providers, policy makers and global pharmaceutical companies.

Koonal’s recent research and consulting projects include the following.

  • A large-scale study exploring societal preferences about thevalue of life-extending, end-of-life treatments. This project was funded by NICE’s Decision Support Unit.
  • Developing methods to elicit health-state values from the general public in the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with local academics and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Examining how health technology assessment is applied in six developed-country markets to inform resource allocation across all health care sectors, including pharmaceuticals. This project was commissioned by a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Research intended to create an EQ-5D-5L value set for England, funded by the Policy Research Programme of the English Department of Health.

Koonal has a BA in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, and an MSc (with distinction) in Health Economics from the University of York, and a PhD in Health Economics from University of Sheffield. Prior to joining OHE in 2008, he was a Business Analyst at Capital One in Nottingham.