OHE Consulting Offers New Services in Patient-Reported Outcomes

OHE Consulting is now offering our clients advice and analytical services on health outcomes and the use of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data, building on the extensive programme of original research by OHE in this area. The OHE team is recognised internationally for its methodological work on health outcomes measurement, statistical issues in analysis of PRO data, routine health outcomes data in the NHS, and development of new methods for valuing health states. In collaboration with Sheffield University, the OHE team currently is developing the new EQ-5D-5L value set for England, with results scheduled for publication in early 2014. OHE Consulting draws on its deep expertise to deliver to our clients a wide range of analytical and advisory services on health outcomes, including:

  • Systematic reviews
  • Development and validation of instruments
  • Analysis of PRO data from clinical trials and observational studies
  • Customised workshops and training events
  • Development of health state utilities for health economics models.

In addition to projects for the pharmaceutical industry on PROs, OHE Consulting also regularly provides advice to health care organisations and governments, in the UK and internationally, on health outcomes measurement and the development of HTA processes. Our global experience has given us a deep understanding of the broader policy context in which our clients must operate.

OHE's Health Outcomes Group Lewis, Shah, Devlin, Herdman, Yang


The Outcomes Team at OHE

We have expanded our capacity to meet the rapid expansion in demands for OHE Consulting services in this area. Mike Herdman fills the new position of Head of Health Outcomes at OHE, bringing extensive experience in psychometrics and quality of life instrument development and validation. A senior member of the EuroQol Group and an elected member of its executive committee, he is leading the project validating translated versions of the EQ-5D. An experienced consultant, Mike will be leading both consulting and research projects on health outcomes at OHE.

Dr Fraser Lewis, recently appointed Head of Statistics at OHE, adds to the team extensive experience in statistical modeling of data from biomedical studies. Fraser has served as a biostatistician in the NHS and has held various academic positions. He holds PhD in statistics from the University of Strathclyde. Mike and Fraser collaborate closely on health outcomes projects with OHE’s Director of Research, Professor Nancy Devlin. Nancy is the elected chair of the EuroQol Group’s executive committee, and has published widely on the analysis of EQ-5D data methods for valuing the EQ-5D and the routine use of PROs in health care systems. Other members of the team involved in health outcomes projects include Dr Yan Feng and Koonal Shah, both of whom are experienced in modelling outcomes data and in conducting studies to generate utilities.

A selection of the OHE team’s impressive and varied publications on health outcomes are available by clicking here.

OHE is committed to high-quality results for its clients, publishing it consulting research on health outcomes in peer-reviewed journals when possible.  A case study of one of our recent projects is available here.

We always welcome enquiries from new clients.

Contact: Professor Nancy Devlin •  ndevlin@ohe.org

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