OHE’s In-house Publications Are Now Indexed by RePEc

Article by: Chris Sampson
For many years, we’ve been publishing our work – free to read – on our website. We publish Research Papers, Consulting Reports, and several other series. Now, in addition to being able to access OHE’s in-house publications via our website, you can access them via Research Papers in Economics (RePEc).
RePEc is a bibliographic database, maintained by volunteers, that serves the economics research community. It brings together information about journal articles, books, working papers, software, the authors of these outputs, and their institutions. Altogether there are more than 2 million research items on RePEc. These now include OHE’s publication series.
You can access, follow, cite, and download all of OHE’s papers using one of two services: IDEAS or EconPapers. And there’s plenty more to RePEc’s services. Access our institutional information on EDIRC. If you’ve co-authored any of our in-house publications, you can sign-up with the RePEc Author Service and claim your authorship. Explore citation data on CitEc. If you’ve supervised or been supervised by an OHE author, contribute to RePEc Genealogy. Join the MyIDEAS service and get updates about OHE’s new publications.
RePEc relies on the collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers, and all users can help improve the quality of the database. If you’d like to volunteer some of your time to maintaining RePEc, you can find out about opportunities.

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