Economics of Health Care Systems

Sussex, J.

Seminar Briefing
December 2002

This briefing is based on the results of a seminar held in London on 30 May 2002. The seminar titled Building long term partnerships, was organised jointly by the Office of Health Economics and ACCA with the Future Healthcare Network of the NHS Confederation.

Mason, A.R., Towse, A., Drummond, M.F. and Cooke, J.

November 2002

The aim of the project was to evaluate the likely success of medicines management in a primary care led UK National Health Service (NHS). The methods used to achieve this objective included a postal survey and a review of the implementation literature.

Medicines management is a broad process concerned with optimising patient outcomes, while achieving value for money. The improvement of the quality of prescribing is a central feature of medicines management.

Evans, R.

May 2002

This paper is an updated and expanded version of the 7th OHE annual lecture delivered on 1 June 2000. It takes account of research published up to the end of January 2002.

Mohan, J. and Gorsky, M.

July 2001

This book provides a reassessment of the role of charitable and voluntary fundraising for health care, with a particular focus on the hospital. It does so firstly by summarising the principal findings of a major research project on the pre-National Health Service (NHS) voluntary hospitals. Independent of the state and funded initially by charitable gifts, these hospitals cared for the acute sick before 1948 and were the centres of research and teaching. We discuss their performance, and that of the voluntary system, in its last decades.

Sachs, J.

May 2001

I am really grateful to have the chance to spend an hour with you to talk about a subject of enormous importance.  I am particularly gratified to be in London because so much of the global leadership on tackling the links between public health and economic development in the developing world originates in the UK - with its grand and esteemed tradition of leadership in science and in public health.  I hope that after this evening I can bring back home to the USA some of that global leadership and transmit it to Washington!

Sussex, J.

April 2001

The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is officially described as a means for providing skilled and efficient services to public sector organisations and hence to the communities they serve. But the PFI has also become the main source of capital funds for major investment projects in the NHS and the rest of the UK public sector. Since 1997, 85% of the funds for major NHS capital projects has come from PFI sources. Private provision of services to public bodies such as local authorities and National Health Service (NHS) hospitals long predated the advent of the PFI.

Oliver, A.

January 2001

Public policy in the UK is placing increasing emphasis on health inequalities. The first signal of this renewed commitment came soon after the Labour government was elected. In 1997 it commissioned an independent review of health inequalities with a view to identifying priority areas for future policy development. The review was published as the Acheson Report (Department of Health, 1998a). In addition, the government released a consultation paper, Our Healthier Nation, which expressed the following key objectives (Department of Health, 1998b):

Mountford, L.

December 2000

The purpose of this paper is to set out the background to the development of regulations governing cross-border health care in the EU; to explore the possible implications of the Kohll and Decker rulings (and of subsequent ECJ cases) with particular reference to the experience of cross-border health care in the EU; and to set out some more speculative thoughts on how an internal EU market in health care delivery is likely to develop in the future.

Sussex, J. ed.

September 2000

Based on papers delivered at the OHE Conference, London, 6 December 1999: ‘The Causes of Improved Population Health in Industrialised Nations: How will the 21st century differ from the 20th?’

Johnston, K. and Sussex, J. eds.

July 2000

Based on papers delivered at the OHE Conference, London, 25 November 1997.


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