Understanding the Context, Selecting the Standards: A Framework to Guide the Optimal Development and Use of Real-World Evidence for Coverage and Formulary Decisions

Pearson, S., Dreitlein, B., Towse, A., Hampson, G. and Henshall, C.

Research Paper
March 2018

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OHE Research Paper 18/02: Real World Evidence (RWE) – This paper provides a framework and specific steps to help both manufacturers and payers meet the challenge of developing observational RWE through a transparent process that can be considered credible by all stakeholders.
It presents a new conceptual framework to address three elements largely missing from these earlier efforts focused on defining “best practices” or “standards” for RWE. These are: 1) how to understand the role that contextual factors play in determining how high the evidentiary standard, or “bar” will be in each situation; 2) how to tailor key process and methodological approaches the height of that evidentiary bar; and 3) how to ensure that broader process principles that support transparency are integrated successfully throughout the course of any RWE initiative. 
This paper is a companion piece to a detailed background paper on the use of RWE in coverage decisions developed for the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) Policy Summit held in December 2017.