This report explores the consequences of the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) on public health in the UK and in the EU. It also provides an estimate of the economic impact for pharmaceutical companies.

The impact of Brexit will be highly dependent on the nature of any agreement resulting from the negotiations between the UK and the remaining countries of the EU, and the extent that the UK is involved in future EU public health activities. As such, the sensitivity of the various public health and economic impacts is assessed according to a number of different possible combinations of trade and regulatory agreements.

We find that the public health implications of Brexit will become more severe as public health cooperation and trade relationships lessen between the EU and the UK. Importantly, the public health impacts may not just occur in the UK, but may also be significant in the remaining countries of the EU and the European Economic Area.

This report contains a summary of our results based on a series of individual analyses. Detailed methods and results for each of the individual analyses presented in the Technical Annex.