Important Aspects of Health Not Captured by EQ-5D: Views of the UK General Public

Shah, K., Mulhern, B., Longworth, L. and Janssen, B.

Research Paper
December 2016

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The EQ-5D is a standardised instrument designed for use as a generic measure of health outcome. It was (and is) intended to provide information about a “common core” of dimensions known to be relevant across a range of conditions, and valued highly by people. However, the five dimensions may not fully capture the health-related impacts of certain conditions. This study analyses the views of a sample of the UK general public about important aspects of health that they consider to be missing from the five EQ-5D dimensions. One-hundred and seventy-nine respondents (41.1%) provided suggestions of aspects of health they considered important but not captured by the EQ-5D. Sensory deprivation (particularly vision and hearing) and mental health (referred to either in general terms or with reference to a specific condition) were the aspects of health most commonly mentioned by respondents.

A revised version of this paper has been published in The Patient and can be downloaded from:

Please cite as: Shah, K.K., Mulhern, B., Longworth, L., Jansen, M.F., 2017. Views of the UK general public on important aspects of health not captured by EQ-5D. The Patient – Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, 10(6), pp.701-709.