Delivering an Outcomes-based NHS: Creating the Right Conditions

Hicks, N.

Seminar Briefing
February 2017

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This OHE Seminar Briefing summarises a seminar given by Dr Nicholas Hicks, Co-founder and Chief Executive of COBIC (Capitated Outcomes-Based Incentivised Care). Dr Hicks describes COBIC’s outcomes-centred approach that has been adopted by NHS services across England and that brings together commissioners, providers, other professions, patients and carers. The COBIC approach involves six elements: (1) defined population and scope, (2) desired outcomes associated with indicators, (3) service model redesign, (4) financial analysis and defined budget, (5) agreed contract form and duration, describing incentives and risks, and (6) readied and prepared service providers. In this Briefing, Dr Hicks discusses the example of the Bedfordshire Musculoskeletal (MSK) project, where COBIC worked with Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to improve MSK care and outcomes, and to decrease per capita costs.