This publication reports on a seminar intended to encourage further thought about the distinguishing characteristics of the market for biosimilars and the implications of these for potential savings.

Economists and regulatory experts from the US and Europe were invited to describe their research and offer their perspectives about what can be expected in the near- and medium-term.  The publication includes updated insights that take account of changes since the seminar, including more recent analyses of potential market impact.

Chapter authors include Profs Bengt Jönsson (Stockholm School of Economics), Prof Henry Grabowski (Duke University), Prof Adrian Towse and Dr. Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz (OHE), Prof Richard G. Frank (Harvard Medical School / US Department of Health and Human Services), Dr. Gopalan Narayanan (UK MHRA Biologicals and Technology Unit), Dr. Matthias Liefner (Simon Kucher) and Alexis Ahlstrom (Avalere Health / US Department of Health and Human Services).