Spotlight on OHE: Beyond QALYs, Managed Entry Agreements, Business Models for Antibiotics, and the UK Market for Medicines.

Beyond QALYs: A Quantum Leap Forward or a Leap in the Dark?

OHE’s Paula Lorgelly took part in the Future of Value: Insights from the Experts panel discussion, Indianapolis, on 1 March 2016.

Paula presented a paper which discusses issues with going 'beyond quality adjusted life years (QALYs)' when valuing health care interventions.  There are three dimensions to consider when going beyond QALYs: develop a better measure of health (e.g. one that could be condition-specific); use broader measures of benefit; consider a societal perspective (e.g. include productivity loss and carers’ effects).

Paula’s presentation focused on utilising a broader measure of benefit, focusing on alternative such as the capability approach and subjective wellbeing measures.

The panel was sponsored by Eli Lilly.

For more information contact Paula Lorgelly at OHE.

New managed entry agreements for pharmaceuticals in the UK

OHE’s Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz presented a guest lecture on 11 March 2016 at the Max Weber Institute and Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Jorge presented on the current global challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry and gave a detailed description of the current UK landscape for pharmaceuticals, including discussion of the role played by managed entry agreements.

Note that the slides are in Spanish.

For more information contact Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz.

New Business Models for Antibiotics: Where Are We Now?

Speaking at the Superbugs & Superdrugs conference in London on 16 March 2016, OHE’s Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz delivered a presentation on financial and collaborative incentives to accelerate clinical success for antibiotics.

Jorge discussed the economic challenges around antibiotics, and whether there is a need for a new business model. He reviewed of the impact of previous incentives, explaining what has worked in the past, and discussed possible new business models.

For more information contact Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz.

The Economics of the Market for Medicines

Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz also presented a guest lecture at City University, London, on 17 March 2016, on the topic of the economics of the market for medicines.

The first half of the lecture included an overview of the global challenges facing medicines manufacturers, discussion of the ‘supply side’ (focusing on research and development of new drugs), and evidence relating to the ‘demand side’ which suggests that UK spending on medicines as a percentage of GDP is already amongst the lowest in developed countries.

The second half of the lecture looked at NICE and the ‘hurdle’ of demonstrating cost-effectiveness, as well as an overview of pricing regulation, and specific characteristics of the UK market.

For more information contact Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz at OHE.

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