OHE's Towse on Challenges in Valuing Genomic Medicines

In this video, Adrian Towse discusses the challenges and importance of appropriately valuing genomic medicine. He addresses both gene therapies and “pharmacogenomics” -- those medicines that will allow targeted, precision treatment. He points out the importance, with respect to the latter, of the importance of appropriately valuing the diagnostics that are essential to realising the full value of treatment.

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Adrian Towse from Office of Health Economics

Related OHE publications and materials include the following. Garau, M., Towse, A., Garrison, L., Housman, L. and Ossa, D. (2013) Can and should value-based pricing be applied to molecular diagnostics? Personalized Medicine. 10(1), 61-72. An earlier version of this article is available as a Research Paper on the OHE website.

Garau, M. (2013) Assessing the value of co-dependent technologies: How can current methods and processes be improved? Presentation (available here). ScHARR Seminar. Sheffield. 16 April.

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