OHE Posters at HTAi: Tokyo 2016

This post contains posters which were presented by members of the OHE team at the 2016 HTAi Annual Meeting held in Tokyo, Japan, 10-14 May.

Slides from presentations given by OHE’s Adrian Towse, Nancy Devlin, and Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte at the meeting can be found in a previous blog post

Multi-Indication Pricing: Pros, Cons and Applicability by Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz

Multi-indication pricing (MIP) involves setting a different price for each major indication approved for a medicine. We explore the feasibility of implementing MIP in the UK.


Data Governance for Real-World Evidence: Cross-Country Differences and Recommendations for a Governance Framework by Amanda Cole

Real-world data (RWD) becomes real-world evidence (RWE) – what is really of value to stakeholders – after a series of activities which facilitate the transformation of raw data into analysis and results. Appropriate and facilitative governance arrangements for RWE are imperative to facilitate evidence collection that meets the demands of regulators and HTA bodies, and to make the most of health care information and the role it can play in improving patient care.


Building Efficient Healthcare Systems Through Integrated Health Care Decision Making in Low and Middle Income Countries by Grace Marsden

Health technology assessment (HTA) and other tools for decision making are used around the world to promote efficient resource allocation within healthcare systems. Resource allocation decisions are made at various levels (national level or regional level; disease level or technology level), yet it seems that the objectives of decision makers at the different levels do not always align with one another. This poster looks at whether these inconsistencies exist in current processes in low and middle income countries (LMICs), and identifies policy options which could be used to improve the efficiency of resource allocation processes in these regions.

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