Adult Versus Adolescent Preferences for EQ-5D-Y Health States

Article by: Koonal Shah

The International Health Economics Association (iHEA) recently launched a Health Preference Research Special Interest Group, dedicated to understanding the value of health and health-related goods and services. OHE’s Koonal Shah was invited to give the Group’s inaugural webinar. The webinar was chaired by Fern Terris-Prestholt of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. A recording is now available online.

Koonal spoke on the topic of valuing health in children. He discussed some of the normative, perspective and methodological issues associated with this kind of health valuation research. He then presented an overview of recent research undertaken to generate values for the EQ-5D-Y, a preference-based measure of health outcomes developed for children and adolescents aged between 8 and 15 years. Koonal focused in particular on a study seeking to compare the preferences held by adults (considering the health of a child) with those held by adolescents (considering their own health).

The research presented was undertaken in collaboration with Oliver Rivero-Arias (University of Oxford), Nancy Devlin (University of Melbourne), Juan Manuel Ramos-Goñi (Axentiva), David Mott (Evidera), and Simone Kreimeier (University of Bielefeld). Koonal and Oliver recently presented on the same topic at a NICE Technical Forum.


Related research

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