A paradigm shift is occurring in cancer care with the introduction of tumour-agnostic therapies, for which the indication is defined by the molecular signature of the tumour rather than by its location. While promising for patients, healthcare systems are facing major challenges with the clinical and economic assessment of such therapies and subsequent reimbursement decisions.

As Professor Mike Drummond and Professor Bengt Jonnson step down from the OHE Board of Trustees after more than a decade of service, OHE announces the appointment of Professor Margaret Kyle and Professor Werner Brouwer as replacements with Professor Anita Charlesworth becoming chair

Faster regulatory approval has not necessarily achieved faster patient access. A new OHE paper sets out how risk-sharing can tackle this, enabling resolution of differences of view between innovators and payers about a technology’s value. The authors find risk-sharing makes sense in 9 out of 16 scenarios, setting out the conditions in which both parties should use them. Innovators need to fund the research in order to align incentives.

As a Charity, OHE is governed by a Board of Trustees which today is comprised of a mixture of academic and industry experts. OHE has been privileged to have many leading health economists serving on its Boards and Committees over the nearly 60 years of its existence.

Two giants in the...