International Experience

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Examples of consulting projects conducted around the world:



Partnering with HTAi to deliver a policy forum in Seoul, with pharmaceutical industry experts and decision makers from six Asian countries, about the role of high-quality HTA in supporting decision making



Assessing the impact of HTA decisions by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Council (PBAC) on pricing and market access of oncology drugs



Exploring how the national HTA environment might evolve, through interviewing local experts, and suggesting how the client might influence the development of HTA



Liaising with local experts to explore inefficiencies and solutions in the national health care system and provide a high-level health care policy agenda for improving health system efficiency



Reviewing the emerging use of HTA with local experts and developing policy strategies for the pharmaceutical industry

Czech Republic


Evaluating measures being implemented as part of the national medicines pricing and reimbursement system



Conducting a pharmaceutical industry survey on medicines pricing and reimbursement policies



In discussion with local experts, assessing the impact of local HTA and pricing and reimbursement reforms on the market access of two products in phase III clinical trials



Monitoring and assessing the impact of AMNOG since its inception on a specific company's product pipeline



Using simulation analysis, explored the implications of adopting differential pricing for pharmaceutical products based on individual countries’ income levels. Feasibility of adopting differential pricing in emerging markets was assessed jointly with company affiliates in a number of these territories; included interviews with stakeholders from non-governmental, public and global organisations.



With local experts, assessing inefficiencies in the national health care system to provide a high-level health care policy agenda for solving these inefficiencies



Conducting a pharmaceutical industry survey on medicines pricing and reimbursement policies



Assessing changes to the national medicines pricing system



Gathered insights through interviews with local experts and assessed the likely impact of options to change financial arrangements for health care



Advising the national pharmaceutical trade association about the implications of NICE International's recommendations about pricing and a future HTA system



Interviewing federal and regional government agencies to understand current approaches to, and planned development of HTA, and subsequently advise a client about engaging with local payers and other key stakeholders during market entry and product development



Liaising with payers on ways to 1) improve partnerships with life science companies before and after product launch and 2) discuss international pharmaceutical pricing policies



Exploring the national use of value based pricing through discussion with local pharmaceutical industry experts



Conducting an pharmaceutical industry survey on medicines pricing and reimbursement policies



Developing methods to elicit health-state values from the general public in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with local academics and the pharmaceutical industry



Working with the Department of Health and NICE on the creation of "value based pricing"  mechanisms and advising clients on its effect on products in their pipelines



In collaboration with a US research organisation, gathered perspectives from US payers and key stakeholders on how comparative effectiveness research (CER) will affect drug development by the year 2020


OHE Consulting links regional, national and international perspectives for all our areas of focus, and leverage their strong reputation and flexibility to create effective partnerships with external organisations.

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