Case Studies

OHE provides a range of consulting services, some examples of which are provided in the case studies below. The content and posting of each case study have been approved by the client.

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The role of payers has grown significantly over the past decade to one that influences virtually every step of the development and marketing of a new medicine. OHE Consulting was asked by a global pharmaceutical company to develop a set of recommendations for improving engagement with payers. The project provided the company with a firm foundation for rethinking its priorities and strategy toward payers.

A US-based SME pharmaceutical company was preparing to enter the European market with two key products in Phase III clinical trials. OHE Consulting advised our client on how best to address pricing and reimbursement challenges presented by changing health technology assessment requirements in Europe. The project also suggested how the company might influence policy decisions.

The UK government is implementing a new, "value-based" approach to the pricing of branded medicines in 2014. OHE Consulting was commissioned by a global pharmaceutical company to prepare and lead a one-day workshop to help the company define the market access implications for its pipeline of products. In the workshop, we explored the variants of value-based pricing and quantitatively analysed the potential effect on the company's product line of the approaches most likely to be implemented.