Founded in 2002, OHE Consulting provides client-focused, specialised expertise on policy and strategic issues affecting the delivery of health care and the future of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

We are dedicated to providing objective, independent advice to help our clients achieve their objectives.

OHE’s professional research activities ensure our in-house team remains at the forefront of the latest thinking, underpinning the advice we provide. This is further strengthened by OHE’s global network of outside experts, which complements the international diversity of our team, and increases our local, on-the-ground knowledge and insights to the benefit of our clients. We maintain strong relationships with leading academics, policy makers, payers, HTA bodies, health care providers, and pharmaceutical and life sciences companies worldwide. 

Our expertise focuses on issues that matter.

Health Care Systems

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries

Evaluating health care policies, including their impact on health care delivery and spending

International pricing and reimbursement mechanisms for medicines

Evolving health technology assessment methods

Performance-based risk-sharing arrangements for health care technologies

Patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs), EQ-5D, and health state utilities

Economics and policy issues in innovation and the cost of R&D 

Statistics on Health and Health Care

Economics and policy issues in regulation and market access


Value-based pricing and product development

All of these issues and concerns cross national boundaries; our projects encompass the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Examples of our current advisory projects with pharmaceutical companies and policy makers include the following.

  • Emerging markets: Understanding the implications of changes in health care policy for patients and market access

  • New drug development paradigm: Exploring global and regional best practices for evidence generation before and after product launch

  • Patient-reported outcomes: Use and analysis of PRO data to support HTA submissions

  • “Value-based pricing”: Based on our continuing work with the UK Department of Health and NICE, exploring the impact of value-based pricing on future health technology assessment submissions and pricing for new products in the UK market, as well as implications globally

For more examples of OHE Consulting’s projects, please see our case studies.


OHE provides a range of consulting services, some examples of which are provided in the case...

Many of the studies OHE Consulting performs are proprietary and the results are not released...


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