Economists - Research and Consultancy

The Office of Health Economics wishes to recruit well-qualified, highly motivated and energetic junior economists, with particular strengths in health economics, including the economics of health technology assessment, health care systems and/or the life sciences industry.
Click here for a detailed job description and information on how to apply. 
Please note the start date of the vacancies is not fixed, therefore if any successful applicants do not finish their studies until later in the year we are happy to delay the start date.

Writing for OHE

OHE seeks authors writing on the following topics from an economic and/or policy perspective: 

  • the financing and organisation of health care systems 
  • the competitiveness, regulation and structure of the pharmaceutical industry 
  • pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement 
  • the economics of prescribing and medicines use 
  • economic evaluation of health care technology 
  • health and health care statistics

OHE authors are expected to deal with economic and policy issues in plain English and in a way that will interest non-economists as well as economists.

All publications are peer reviewed by OHE’s independent Editorial Committee. The publication may appear as an OHE Briefing (2,000-10,000 words), a monograph or a book and would be available in both printed and electronic formats. Authors will receive a fee.

How to submit a manuscript proposal to OHE

Your proposal should be on at least one of the topics described above.

Please include in your application:

  1. a cover letter containing a working title, the anticipated length of the manuscript, the anticipated date of completion, and a summary of 300-600 words
  2. an abstract (with chapter outlines if the proposal is for a book-length piece)
  3. a CV with past publications or other writing experience
  4. a sample section or chapter (if available)
  5. abstracts for all chapters (for edited collections)

OHE will advise you within four weeks whether or not we wish to proceed.

Please send completed applications via e-mail.