OHE-City MSc Fellowships in Health Economics

We are passionate about nurturing the next generation of health economists and are therefore excited to be partnering with City, University of London, to co-offer two prestigious Fellowships per year.

What is the Fellowship?

The Fellowship offers the two successful students the opportunity to join the OHE team as an 'OHE Fellow' three days a week for two years alongside studying a part-time MSc in health economics at City, University of London. The eligible courses at City are MSc Health Economics and MSc Economic Evaluation in Health Care.

Why apply?
  • The opportunity to learn from, and work alongside, leading thought leaders and experts in the health economic field
  • Exposure to state-of-the-art research/consultancy practices at a one of a kind organisation
  • The opportunity to contribute to a diverse portfolio of research and consultancy projects in health economics
  • Work experience in a unique organisational hybrid environment where both profit and non-for-profit activities are undertaken
  • The opportunity to have a member of OHE staff with a City affiliation as a co-supervisor for your MSc dissertation
  • Exclusive access to OHE’s mentoring programme
  • The ability to strengthen and broaden your career horizon
  • Access to OHE’s events programme + networking opportunities
  • Reliable income during studies - a stipend of £1,500 per month for two years and having their MSc fees paid

How to apply

First, be accepted for a place on a health economics MSc at City, University of London - MSc Health Economics or MSc Economic Evaluation in Health Care.

Then, download and complete the OHE application form and email it to Mireia Jofre-Bonet along with your CV.

The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2022.

Selection will be based on merit.


  1. OHE will host the OHE Fellows three days per week and involve them in topics related to their MSc studies and in non-confidential tasks for projects.
  2. OHE Fellows will have a contract with OHE for the duration of the fellowship and the obligation to work for OHE for a full year after graduation.
  3. The OHE Fellow will have to agree that, in the case of early withdrawal from the MSc course, half of the fees and stipend received will be reimbursed to OHE.
  4. OHE does not commit to extending employment for OHE Fellows beyond one year after the end of the scheme.

Writing for OHE

OHE seeks authors writing on the following topics from an economic and/or policy perspective:

  • the financing and organisation of health care systems 
  • the competitiveness, regulation and structure of the pharmaceutical industry 
  • pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement 
  • the economics of prescribing and medicines use 
  • economic evaluation of health care technology
  • health and health care statistics

OHE authors are expected to deal with economic and policy issues in plain English and in a way that will interest non-economists as well as economists.

All publications are peer reviewed by OHE’s independent Editorial Committee. The publication may appear as an OHE Briefing (2,000-10,000 words), a monograph or a book and would be available in both printed and electronic formats. Authors will receive a fee.

How to submit a manuscript proposal to OHE

Your proposal should be on at least one of the topics described above.

Please include in your application:

  1. a cover letter containing a working title, the anticipated length of the manuscript, the anticipated date of completion, and a summary of 300-600 words
  2. an abstract (with chapter outlines if the proposal is for a book-length piece)
  3. a CV with past publications or other writing experience
  4. a sample section or chapter (if available)
  5. abstracts for all chapters (for edited collections)

OHE will advise you within four weeks whether or not we wish to proceed.

Please send completed applications via e-mail.