Health Statistics and Data Analyses

Statistical analyses of data are an essential part of providing scientifically credible evidence of the effectiveness of medical interventions. OHE has broad expertise in providing statistical analyses and interpretation of clinical trial data, particularly in respect of patient reported outcomes. In addition, we have long standing expertise in working with pharmaceutical industry data such as medicines uptake analyses and expenditure forecasting.  


Aside from statistical analyses we also have expertise in quantitative modelling. Previous projects have included estimating approximate costs of disease for specific therapy areas or conditions, and in some cases following through to what savings might potentially be realised as a result of either increased access to existing or future medical interventions and developments.  


In our work we make extensive use of public domain data provided by the UK Government and other national and international bodies. We maintain a list of key online sources of statistical data available in the UK (plus some links to global resources) which is updated quarterly and can be found here.


Recent publications and relevant projects are given below.


For any statistical related enquires please contact OHE




Hawe, E., Yuen, P. and Baillie, L.

July 2011
October 1978

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