Valuing Co-Dependent Medical Technologies: Improving Methods and Processes

Advances in science and technology are producing more and better means for diagnosing disease, matching patients to the best therapies, and tracking the progress of treatment. The potential impact of using diagnostic and therapeutic tests in tandem with treatment—“co-dependent technologies”—potentially can maximise both treatment effectiveness and economic efficiency. Everyone benefits—patients and payers. Approaches for valuing co-dependent technologies, however, are in their infancy. In this presentation, OHE’s Martina Garau reviews the current situation and offers suggestions for improving methods and processes for assessing the value of co-dependent technologies.

For further information, please contact Martina Garau. See also: Garau, M., Towse, A., Garrison, L., Housman, L. and Ossa, D. (2012) Can and should value based pricing be applied to molecular diagnostics? Personalized Medicine. 10(1), 61-72.  An earlier version of this paper is available as an OHE Research Paper.  

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