OHE at ISPOR Philadelphia Part 2: Risk Sharing, Medical Breakthroughs, Early Access and Drug Development Costs

ISPOR’s 20th Annual International Meeting is scheduled for 16-20 May 2015 in Philadelphia. This post is the second of a two part summary of OHE’s scheduled activity at ISPOR. Access the first blog post here.

Risk Sharing / Performance-Based Arrangements for Drugs and Other Medical Products
Lou Garrison (University of Washington), Adrian Towse (OHE), Josh Carlson (University of Washington). 
This short course will explore the theory and practice behind risk sharing and performance based arrangements (PBRSAs), including trends, and the challenges involved in putting them in place. Several examples of performance-based schemes from Europe, the United States, and Australia will be analysed.
Prior registration is required.
Sunday 17 May
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Can we afford medical breakthroughs for large prevalence diseases? Lessons from hepatitis C
Moderator: Dana Goldman (University of Southern California). Panelists: Adrian Towse (OHE), Ross Maclean (Precision Health Economics), Thomas Philipson (University of Chicago).
This panel will discuss how the financial burden of highly effective treatments can hinder reimbursement (as seen recently in the case of hep C). Policy, industry and health economics perspectives will be represented. The panel will consider how to align the costs and benefits of such medical breakthroughs, the role of credit markets, and lessons learned from hep C.
Monday 18 May, Issue panels – session II
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Early access to medicines: What is in it for payers?
Moderator: Adam Heathfield (Pfizer). Panelists: Adrian Towse (OHE), Mark Trusheim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dan Ollendorf (Institute for Clinical and Economic Review).
This panel will consider the potential benefits and costs of early access to new medicines for payers. The group will discuss new modelling work to show the potential benefits, as well as the use of value initiatives and pilot schemes.
Tuesday 19 May, Issue panels – session II
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
The $2.6 billion question: Why are drug development costs rising and can we afford it? (Invited Issue Panel)
Moderator: Lou Garrison (University of Washington). Panelists: Adrian Towse (OHE), Joseph DiMasi (Tufts University), Patricia Danzon (University of Pennsylvania).
DiMasi will present new evidence which suggest that drug development costs an average of $2.6 billion per approved new compound. The panel will discuss the implications of this for drug development, further research and policy, and comment on the need for a new drug development paradigm.
Tuesday 19 May, Issue panels – session III
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

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