Vaccines, Antivirals, Lockdowns & COVID-19: Learnings from the Pandemic

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Vaccines, Antivirals, Lockdowns & COVID-19: Learnings from the Pandemic

This webinar brings together a collection of some of the leading decision-makers and eminent policymakers from the UK Government’s COVID-19 pandemic response through the world-leading vaccination programme and extensive antiviral rollout. The speakers will discuss their experiences in government and how to handle risk, uncertainty and imperfect information in emergency situations and key lessons that should be applied for future pandemic preparedness and response. The webinar will also look at the role of government and reforms needed in Whitehall to ensure the UK is better placed to handle future infectious disease and pandemic threats.


Stuart Carroll | Stuart is a senior health economist, epidemiologist, and health policy expert specialising in the NHS; infectious diseases, vaccines and public health; the pharmaceutical industry; and public and external affairs. He recently worked for 18 months as a Senior Expert Policy & Strategy Adviser at the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic for the UK Government on the UK Vaccines Taskforce, Antiviral Taskforce and Therapeutic Taskforce having previously held senior positions across the vaccines and pharmaceutical industry including Head of Value & Access & Public Affairs at Sanofi Pasteur, Head of Market Access at Biogen and Head of Health Economics & Epidemiology at SPMSD.

Stuart is currently working for Moderna as Director Market Access and Policy Affairs for the UK and Ireland and undertaking a PhD at the University of Nottingham, where he is being supervised by Professor Jonathan Van Tam, Professor Ian Shaw and Dr Melanie Jordan, looking at vaccine procurement during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is also an Senior Visiting Fellow at the Office of Health Economics and an elected Councillor in Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead where he serves as the Vice Chair of Cabinet and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Health, Mental Health and Children’s Services.

Professor Graham Cookson | Graham is the Chief Executive of the Office of Health Economics, taking over from Professor Adrian Towse who led OHE for 25 years. Graham is an econometrician by training and is interested in the use of big data in health and life sciences research. His current research interests include the measurement and determinants of productivity in healthcare especially labour productivity; the industrial organisation of healthcare especially tariffs and competition; real-world evidence in health economic evaluation; and big data in the health and life sciences. He is best known for this work on the economics of staffing and skill mix in the English NHS, and this research was critical to the development of the NICE Guidelines on Safe Staffing.

A visiting Professor at University of Surrey, Graham joined OHE on 11 June 2018 from INRIX Inc. where he was Chief Economist and Head of Research. Prior to joining INRIX, Graham was Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Surrey, and Director of Research then latterly Head of Department of Healthcare Management & Policy. He founded the M.Sc. in Health Economics at the University of Surrey a collaboration between the School of Economics and the Department of Healthcare Management & Policy.

Eddie Gray | Eddie spent forty years in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector, including at GlaxoSmithKline plc, culminating as President of the European Pharmaceutical business and member of the Corporate Executive Team. From 2013 -19 he was CEO of Dynavax Technologies, a California biotechnology company

Eddie was recently Chair of the UK Government Covid 19 Antivirals Taskforce, leading an initiative to identify and secure sufficient Covid oral antiviral options for the most vulnerable in society. He has been a member of the Women’s Business Council, which is a Home Office initiative, and a Board member of Opportunity Now, both supporting an aim of furthering the contribution of women to business and economic growth. Eddie is currently a Non-Executive Board member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

Nick Elliott CB MBE | Nick is UK CEO of the new defence company Helsing; an artificial intelligence software product business operating exclusively in the defence and national security sector. Its mission is to attain technology leadership in support of our democracies.

Nick is an experienced senior business leader who has led major delivery organisations in government, infrastructure and defence. Most recently, as Director General of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, he set up and ran what has been described as the most successful component of the United Kingdom’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kevin Bates | Kevin is the CEO of Quantum 360 Limited. He is a procurement and transformation specialist with expertise in change and project management skills. Kevin has worked across government including the Home Office and NHS England delivering strategic, complex, multi- billion pound programmes and projects.

Kevin was recently part of the UK Vaccines Taskforce and UK Antivirals Taskforce leading procurement and purchasing decisions across government. He is also a regular speaker at professional events in both the UK and Overseas and he also holds the highest level of accreditation at the UK Government Commercial Function (GCF).

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Thursday, 20 October 2022