Value, Affordability, and Decision Making

OHE’s Chris Sampson is currently Chair of the ISPOR Open Source Models Special Interest Group (SIG). The SIG recently published their first journal article in Value in Health and will be delivering a Forum at this week’s ISPOR conference. In this blog post, Chris provides some background to the work and an invitation to get involved.

The NICE methods review consultation included a proposal to consider health inequalities more explicitly in their Health Technology Assessment process. But there is still a long way to go before NICE finds a way to tackle all the complexity of this concept. In the following sections we provide an overall view of the main challenges

As the OHE continues to expand, we have another opportunity to welcome economists at a junior level to our team of talented researchers. Our team get the opportunity to work on a wide variety of policy-relevant projects across the health and life sciences...

Priority setting in health is an important, and sometimes controversial topic. In practice, many health technology assessment agencies give a higher weighting to treatments with ‘desirable’ characteristics. For example, treatments for severe and/or rare diseases. In this blog, we review changes to NICE’s manual to include a new ‘severity modifier’.

We live in a world facing many interrelated challenges, and the choices we make about allocating public sector resources have never been more consequential. The perspective taken in an economic evaluation determines the costs and outcomes included in that evaluation and therefore shapes resource allocation and access to new treatments. In this blog, we review the (lack of) changes to NICE’s manual to include elements of a ‘societal perspective’.

Carer quality of life impacts can be included in health technology evaluations, however little guidance is provided. NICE considered providing more guidance as part of their recent methods review. Ultimately, a set of ‘minimum evidence requirements’ were produced, but these were not included...

Since 1984, the UK's second Wednesday of each March is NO SMOKING DAY (NSD). The NSD aims to encourage smokers who want to quit. In 2022, NSD falls on the 9th of March and has the slogan "Today is the Day". 

On the occasion of the 2022 NSD, a reflection on where the UK is regarding...

World Rare Disease Day aims to raise awareness of rare diseases and the impact they can have on patients. This blog explores OHE’s contributions to research into rare diseases and orphan medicines.

OHE opens a series of blog posts on the NICE new health technology evaluation manual.

A paradigm shift is occurring in cancer care with the introduction of tumour-agnostic therapies, for which the indication is defined by the molecular signature of the tumour rather than by its location. While promising for patients, healthcare systems are facing major challenges with the clinical and economic assessment of such therapies and subsequent reimbursement decisions.


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