Spotlight on OHE: EQ-5D-5L, Next Generation Sequencing, and MCDA

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Does the choice of health state comparator or ordering of dimensions matter when valuing EQ-5D-5L?
OHE’s Koonal Shah delivered a presentation at the 1st Meeting of the International Academy of Health Preference Research in Amsterdam on 8th November 2014. Koonal presented findings from a methodological study to assess the impact on the valuation of EQ-5D-5L health states of: 
(i) different dimension orderings; 
(ii) different time trade-off comparator health states. 
This work was funded by the EuroQol Group as part of its EQ-VT research methodology programme

OHE and its collaborators at the University of Sheffield are involved in a number of research studies examining the valuation of EQ-5D-5L health states. At a recent OHE seminar, Professors Nancy Devlin and Ben van Hout jointly presented findings from their study ‘An EQ-5D-5L value set for England’. 
For additional information please contact Koonal Shah at OHE.
Next Generation Sequencing: An HTA perspective on the implications for drug reimbursement
Speaking in Amsterdam on 13th November 2014 Adrian Towse delivered a presentation at the 3rd Annual Health Economics & Personalised Medicine Symposium on the topic of next generation sequencing (NGS). The talk explained the advantages of NGS, and explored the areas in which it may add most value. Adrian acknowledged the challenges of NGS, noting that demonstrating clinical utility is likely to be difficult. He concluded that NGS could enable drugs to be better targeted, yet may lead to an increase in costs. Health technology assessment (HTA) in this area will be crucial.

For more information please contact Adrian Towse at OHE.

MCDA for valuing orphan medicines. A pilot study

OHE’s Martina Garau delivered a presentation at the 12th Conference of the Polish Pharmacoeconomics Society (part of the ISPOR Poland chapter) in Warsaw on 4th December 2014. Martina’s presentation included an introduction on the use of multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) in health care decision making and a discussion of the method and finding of a practical application of MCDA to assess the value of orphan medicines.

The results of the pilot study were published in Value in Health (

An earlier version of the article was published as an OHE research paper and can accessed at

For additional information please contact Martina Garau at OHE

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