OHE Welcomes David Parkin as a Visiting Researcher


OHE is delighted to welcome Prof David Parkin as a visiting researcher at OHE over the coming months.

A long-standing member of the EuroQol Group, Prof Parkin's expertise will provide valuable insights for OHE's current research programme around EQ-5D topics. He will be working with OHE's Director of Research, Prof Nancy Devlin, and other OHE team members on a variety of projects relating to the distribution and properties of weighted EQ-5D data, EQ-VAS and analysis of PROMs data. In addition to writing up a series of papers based on research already undertaken in collaboration with OHE, Prof Parkin will be developing a number of research proposals for future work in this area.

David Parkin

Prof Parkin is a co-author, along with Helen Dakin (Oxford), Nancy Devlin, Yan Feng and Phill O'Neill (OHE), and Nigel Rice (York), on a paper entitled, The influence of cost effectiveness and other factors on NICE decisions. The results of this research, which updates previous modelling by Devlin and Parkin (2004) and Dakin, et al (2006), is to be presented at an OHE lunchtime seminar in April and will be published as an OHE Research Paper in summer 2013.

Devlin, N. and Parkin, D. (2004) Does NICE have a cost effectiveness threshold and what other factors influence its decisions? A binary choice analysis. Health Economics. 13(5), 437-452. Dakin, H.A., Devlin, N.J. and Odeyemi, I.A.O. (2006) "Yes", "No" or "Yes, But"? Multinomial modelling of NICE decision-making. Health Policy. 77(3), 352-367.

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