OHE at the PROMs Research Conference 2017: Presentations and Posters

The 2nd annual UK & Ireland PROMs research conference was held at St Anne’s College, Oxford on 8th June 2017. Several members of the OHE team attended and contributed to the conference. This post contains the team’s presentations.

Koonal Shah presented the methods and preliminary findings of two ongoing studies seeking to provide evidence that can be used to develop a UK value set for the EQ-5D-Y, the ‘younger populations’ version of the EQ-5D. The first study is a discrete choice experiment designed to generate EQ-5D-Y values on a latent scale. The second study tests a number of different approaches to anchoring EQ-5D-Y values on a scale that is amenable to the estimation of QALYs. Both studies are funded by the EuroQol Group.

Koonal's Slides from the 2017 PROMs Conference from Office of Health Economics

Bernarda Zamora reported on a number of new methods for describing the distribution of EQ-5D profiles within data sets, from work she has been undertaking in a study led by Professor Nancy Devlin together with other indices available in the literature, these provide a set of techniques which complement (rather than replace) existing methods for describing EQ-5D profile data. Exploration of the properties of these indices show that they each perform somewhat differently with respect to their sensitivity to the degree of clustering of EQ-5D profiles. The study is funded by the EuroQol Group.


Patricia Cubi-Molla presented a poster entitled: “Re-thinking the concept of Experience-Based Values: setting the right framework to estimate the effect of experience on health valuations”. The ultimate objective of this research is to quantify the actual effect of experiencing a particular health state on the valuation of that health state, isolating it from other factors. This research is funded by the EuroQol Group.


For further information about OHE’s involvement in the conference, contact the OHE authors via our Meet the Team page. For general enquiries about OHE’s research on patient reported outcomes, contact Nancy Devlin.

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